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Wedding Table Set

No wedding is a one size fits all! We are trusted to capture the emotion of your day and encapsulate it within a photographic memory or a cinematic motion picture film that tells your story.

We don't sell wedding videos, we sell our ability to capture one of the most important days of your life. From tears of  joy as the groom sees his bride for the time in her dress, a heart felt speech by the matron of honor, a spontaneous dance off between the grooms men and the brides maids, Dad's first look at his little girl– This would be gone forever if not for the magic of film. We are the preservationists and the keepers of the moments you’ve been waiting for.

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The Debate:

This is the problem that almost every bride faces: Should I book a Videographer, Photographer, or Both? We understand that it can be a difficult decision especially when trying to stay within your budget. So here are a few things to consider:


Do I really need both?

You have to ask yourself what really matters to you and that is 100% based on personal preference. Do you want to have amazing photos that you can put into frames or albums? Or do you want to make it a tradition to watch your wedding video every year on your anniversary?

It used to be that photography was THE way to go since old school wedding videos were lengthy and boring because they were limited to a camera on a tripod. Not to mention that the quality of the actual film wasn't left much to be desired. With huge advances in video formats over the years, creative people like us have been able to create awesome videos. So now wedding videos are actually fun to watch! And this trend is leading couples to invest more into videography as oppose to just wedding photography.

It is our pleasure to be able to capture both sides of your incredible day through our wonderful photography and cinematic wedding films.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and a films can last forever, so there really is no wrong answer. This is your epic day, and you deserve to make it as beautiful and as memorable as you choose.


We are ready to capture your amazing experience!!

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