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We cater to your needs, match your style, and create the wedding film that defines you and your amazing day. We can craft a short 3-5 minute highlight film to showcase your day in a snapshot to family and friends, sculpt out a mid- size 10-12 minute featurette, or we could spend a day with you and craft a full length feature film that stars you and your groom. We capture the entire day from start to finish and create roughly a 15-25 min. feature film with all the frills and thrills. Lastly, we can also shoot your ceremony as it happens, and produce a straight forward wedding ceremony video just for you. At a lost on what you want? Bundle any of these options together for one of our custom premium packages. Check out some of our recent wedding films that we have created for brides just like you. Like what you see? Give us a call, or drop us a line via our email address. We can't wait to hear from you.

Tiffany & Mario's Wedding Story

 The Main (Norfolk, VA)

Who could resist a fairy tale wedding that was truly meant to be? Tiffany and Mario were together for quite some time, and without warning Mario sealed the deal. From great times to hardships and struggles, every relationship goes through a test. I believe it's merely a test of time. Some say it either makes you or breaks you, but if you can stand through it all... happiness will find true love. This wedding reminds me of this very saying. A true love will last regardless of the situation and will keep lovers on a path that will guide them till the end. Tiffany and Mario displayed such genuine feelings on their day, and we couldn't stand to miss not one moment. We saw it all from the laughter to happy crying, and even a few falls... (insider, you had to be there for it.) Watch how Tiffany's magical day went.

Amanda & Donnell's Wedding Story

 Woolen Mill (Fredericksburg, VA)

We found ourselves in Fredericksburg, Va with such a beautiful couple this weekend. Meet Amanda and Donnell. These two mixed old traditions with a modern twist on terms. Amanda is deeply in love with Donnell but had to set the record straight on the terms and conditions. LOL. You may have been used to hearing a pastor ask who gives this woman... and this is usually when the father of the bride says "I do." Something like that, however Amanda wanted to let it be known that she wouldn't given away today, but merely presented. How elegantly put from the beautiful twin bride. Donnell was all for it, and he mentions how Amanda is the yin to his yang, and everything in between. Well, you just have to click on the video to see how there amazing day unfolded.  

Kate & Cameron's Wedding Story

Norfolk Botanical Gardens (Norfolk,Va)

Where else would you spend Mother's Day Weekend than at a wedding? A beautiful botanical wedding that is. We got the rain, then it went away, and out came the sun along with this bright shining bride. An early morning Irish breakfast shot for the girls and that was enough to get them all into glam mode. The smiles, giggles, and of course the tears of joy all came out as well. It was such a highlight to see a sentimental first look with grandma and grandpa as well. A magnificent bond between generations to seal the deal and make the pre-ceremony festivities feel much more official. A traditional Irish-American wedding officiated by a close friend made the family and guest feel right at home. Now we are at the part where dad walks his precious daughter, and bride down the aisle, but you will have press play to see how the rest of this amazing day went for Kate and Cameron....

Sharen & Wendell's Wedding Story

Magnolia Inn (Hampton,Va)

When a groom calls, and pretty much plans the wedding for his wife, you know it's love. This couple's plans like so many brides that may be reading this has been hit with restrictions, and limitations on getting married. For some this means that family members can not travel to be with you on one of the biggest days of your life. When Wendell explained to me what he wanted for his wife, I sprung into action, and  was ready for a different style of doing wedding videography. This wasn't all bad though. Yes, there were less family members in attendance, but this also meant that I could capture my couple a bit closer, well within the right social distance, and wearing a mask, right? This "New Normal," has a lot of people upset, but to those of your who are getting married, I believe when you watch this couple's highlight film, you see passion, love, and desire. You see everything but a pandemic. This is what it is all about. Overcoming obstacles, and not letting anything get in the way of love. Check out how their day unfolded.

Kristen & Tiras's Wedding Story

Brook Valley Country Club (Greenville,NC)

Today we travelled to Greenville, North Carolina to capture the beautiful wedding celebration of Kristen, and Tiras. Though the current pandemic changed the original Virginia Beach wedding plans for this couple, they were able to be closer to their families inside their home state. The day was surrounded by beautiful family, and friends, as well a host of excited co-workers as this was an old stomping ground for chef Tiras(groom),The location where he once sharpened his culinary skills. While fighting off rain, and thunderstorms, the day turned out to be an amazing experience for these two, as well as everyone who attended. Check out how their day unfolded.

Karla & Dylan's Wedding Story

Brandy Hill Farm (Culpepper,Va)

50 shades of K&D. Thats right 50 shades of Karla and Dylan. This is what we got on this wedding. Some brides bring the sensitivity, some bring the laughter, but when it came to Karla and Dylan. We had to turn on the fans, because they kept it steamy. It wasn't hard to tell that these two were way pass in love. I think we have reached the level of infatuation. Their appeal to one another was amazing. Their looks, their touch, and their overall energy was all the ingredients for the ultimate final chapter of a 50 shades film. Of course we keep it clean here, but this fiery red-head was filled with passion on her very special day. Not even the rain could cool them down. Check out how their story unfolded. 

Emily & Eric's Wedding Story

 The Hornsby House (Yorktown,Va)

So, today we captured the wedding of Emily & Eric, an amazing young couple whose roots reside in the heart of Yorktown, Virginia. The two united under the church setting of St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Yorktown, Va. I loved the beautiful ceilings inside the church as well as its cozy and welcoming ambiance. The ceremony was short and sweet and the two finished the evening at a great reception at the historic Hornsby House with tons of family, friends, and fun. There are some who come to celebrate, some for the food, and some for the dancing. Make sure you check out Eric's mom and dad who did an amazing job on the dance floor with some killer moves. 

Gabrielle & Chris's Wedding Story

 Historic Post Office (Hampton,Va)


What a perfect Bride and groom. Chris and Gabby's day was filled with love and laughter. Their day was filled with best friends and most important family. It was a true representation of both the bride and groom and the love they have for one another. The weather was perfect, just the right amount of wind and overcast for the perfect pictures. The bridal party and the bride and grooms family made the day so much fun. Gabby & Chris prove what true love is with those passionate looks. Just know that when a woman looks at you the way Gabby does Chris... It is definitely serious and she will walk to the ends of the earth with you. Congrats Gabby and Chris, we wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Kylie & Andrew's Wedding Story

 Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (Richmond,Va)


What to do with all this beauty that is filled in one magical day... Show it off! Of course... Loving this highlight film from Kylie and Andrew's beautiful wedding day. 

We had the honor to capture their super amazing day at the beautiful Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. They didn't let a hurricane, nor a little rain get in the way of walking down that aisle and saying "I Do." A super energetic day of love, fun, and of course dancing... Watch how their day went down.

Savanna & Tim's Wedding Story

 Historic Post Office (Hampton,Va)


This was such an honor to meet this bride and her family, who are so sweet and selfless. I can honestly go into detail on how beautiful Savanna is and how she has such a heart of gold. I really could tell you that Tim is so laid back and a fun guy to be around, oh and has some great dance moves. lol. What I really want you to do is to view this story for yourself and see how such an amazing day unfolded. Once you get done with that dropdown one video and check out the beautiful tribute video we did in honor for Savanna's Sister Dee.

If you’ve had the chance to view Savanna and Tim’s wedding film we previously posted, then you’re really in for a treat, just because you get to see Savanna and Tim again. Lol. No, seriously. This time we’ve spotlighted a beautiful tribute that the beautiful bride Savanna arranged for her little sister during by her vows. Talk about tear jerker. Let’s just say that this has got to be one of the sweetest moments we’ve captured during a ceremony. I won’t spoil it but check out not only the beautiful couple,but an amazing tribute to Dee.

Wedding Trailer Teaser
Lisa & Shawn's Wedding Story

 Spirit of Norfolk (Norfolk, Beach,Va)


All aboard the Spirit of Norfolk. Everyone who knows me well, knows that me and boats don't mix well. Hahaha. Every since my military days, it become a struggle for me, but when I have the opportunity to document a couple's wedding story... Well that changes the game! Today Jamison Media films captured the beautiful wedding of Shawn and Lisa. Such a windy day and a little showers,We actually even got a super crazy wind advisory. lol.  but that didn't stop the love of these two amazing people.They simply made the best of what they could control, and let their love and happiness do the rest. It was such an honor to film these two amazing people.  Check out how their day unfolded in this lovely highlight film.

Amber & Thomas's Wedding Story

 Lesner Inn (Virginia Beach,Va)


When you meet the guy of your dreams and he keeps you in constant laughter... They say that laughter is a cure for anything, so I think that this bride will live a long time. I loved capturing Amber and Thomas's beautiful day. It was filled with so many hysterical, yet passionate moments. We loved the great vibes that flowed so naturally from the bridal party to the little babies. Dancing was a BIG moment as well.... So much fun when these joined in union. 

Alex & Vicky's Wedding Story

 Inn at the Old Silk Mill (Fredericksburg, Va)


What a fun and beautiful Fredericksburg wedding day with a great couple. The love and support from family and friends was so amazing. Their sense of humor made the day over the top amazing. When her eyes met his and the tears filled the room from the pouring of passion as they expressed their love to each other. A modern day Romeo and Juliet would properly title this couples perfect day. so, please help me in congratulating this beautiful couple Alex and Vicky... May your adventures together present nothing less than greatness. God bless you both.

Stephanie & Ryan's Wedding Story

 The Water Table (Virginia Beach,Va)


Jamison Media LLC captured the Virginia Tech love birds in an amazing union at the Water Table Event venue in Virginia Beach,VA. We absolutely love seeing new love begin. This couple's energy and sense of humor literally takes the cake. Earlier we released a teaser for this magical day. Now you can check out the full version of the film here. I would love to introduce all of you to one of the most down to earth and easy going couples that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Congratulations once again to Stephanie & Ryan. May God bless all your days and keep you both wrapped up in love.

Yasmine & George's Wedding Story

Noah's Event Venue (Chesapeake,Va)

What better day than today to show off another beautiful couple, Yasmine and George. Yasmine, the beautiful bride, was a natural when it came to being in front of any camera. She really complimented her suave and laid back groom, George. This couple, although there were lots of things that could frustrate any couple on a fast-paced wedding day were taking it all in and making it look great! This wedding had lots of laughs, lots of cheer, and of course more than a few tears. I especially love the vows that were written custom just for them. Check out the magic and how it unfolded...

Jessica & Jonathan's Wedding Story

 King's Mill Resort (Williamsburg,Va)

Jamison Media LLC captures the union of Jessica & Jonathan at the beautiful King's Mill Resort in Williamsburg,Va. The young couple really displays true love in this fairy tale styled wedding. I must say that this was my first dual wedding where they celebrated both a traditional and jewish style. What a thrill it was from the poems and readings to the funny yet beautiful stories of how the two met. I was very impressed as to how the day became a beautiful "Party." The atmosphere reflected nothing but love and positivity. If any bride still dreams of a fairy tale wedding, it had to be them.

Kiersten & Adrian's Wedding Story

 Historic John Marshall Ballrooms (Richmond,Va)

Jamison Media LLC captures the union of Kiersten and Adrian in a very beautiful Richmond setting .In the heart of downtown Richmond,the two tied the knot at the historical John Marshall ballroom.

This day was full of fun, excitement, and great memories. To top it off it was an amazing experience to see the Q's and AKA's in action.The young couple knows how to throw a party. I definitely received many thrills while capturing these moments. See how it went down.

Latamya & Taj's Wedding Story

Celebrations (Bensalem,Pa)

Jamison Media LLC captures the union of Latamya & Taj at the elegant Celebrations event venue in Bensalem,Pa. It was an honor to capture the union of this couple in this emotional yet beautiful wedding. This bride and soon to be mother of a new set of twins had glam, style, and a bubbly personality.While the groom was cool,calm, and collective. His heart felt vows took the emotion over the top. For all of you  who are a sucker for a good love film, grab your kleenex cause you may need it for this one. Congrats Latamya & Taj.

Christina & Rob's Wedding Story

 Beach House Ocean View (Virginia Beach,Va)

Jamison Media LLC captures the wedding celebration of Christina & Rob. All weddings may be stressful to plan. Booking vendors from the flowers to the dj, etc. This beautiful couple travelled all the way from Ohio to Virginia to become one. Many of my brides would tell you that they wouldn't dream of planning a long distance wedding, however along with friends and family this was a breath-taking event. Lots of laughs, tears of joy, and good food. I must say that this couple welcomed my team and I in as family. From the top of the morning tip the end of the night. See how their story unfolds.

Carol & Ryan's Vintage Wedding



Here is a vintage style wedding which took place in Gloucester, Virginia. This wedding was very unique. The bride knew exactly what she wanted, and it was "all things vintage." This wedding will definitely stick out to me because of how she wanted it edited. As you can see, it was in the style of the old reel to reel or super 8 videos. You couldn't ask for a more romantic setup. This wedding had lots of love, romance, laughs, and tears. You definitely get the best of both worlds in this setup. Congrats to Carol and Ryan on their new life together. It was a pleasure to be able to capture their memories. I was very pleased as to how it turned out. 

Ann & Casey's Wedding Story

 Founder's Inn (Virginia Beach,Va)


This awesome wedding took place at the Founder's Inn in Virginia Beach, VA. Well, I must say that "love is a beautiful thing." This couple's background stems  from teaching. What better way for cupid to do a little target practice, huh. "Two teachers!" Ann's bubbly personality meshes well with Casey's cool, calm, and collective side. The ceremony was short and sweet, but the reception turned into a real party filled with family and great friends. Check out how things unfolded in this beautiful wedding.

Laquesha & Cameron's Wedding 

 First Baptist Church (Chesapeake,Va)


Who says guys don't cry. I'm talking about a masculine cry. The tears of joy and happiness when you see your beautiful bride walking down the aisle. Well, this is exactly what I saw when I viewed this wedding. This was the joining of two close friends who later became lovers. They join hand in hand to become one. The type of celebration I love to be able to make memories from. Here are the highlights from thier special day as well as the full version of this wedding to give a closer look. Congrats to Mr & Mrs. Cameron Briscoe.

Want More?

So you've browsed through some of our films above, and haven't quite found the exact film for your package.  Hmmm. Maybe you wanted the 3-5minute highlight, but also wanted to see your ceremony as it happened. Well, we have some options for you. Let us know in an email, of your specifics and we can build the perfect package for you and your day. After all this ALL about YOU!

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